Promessa Newsletter No.1 – 2019

Dear Ben

You are one of our almost 4300 Promessa Friends from all around the world, and we are thrilled to send you this Newsletter with the latest update on Promessa.

Promessa Nordic becomes the third Representative in Europe for promession®

In January we traveled to Denmark to work closely with Mette Marie Nikolajsen and her team there. Mette Marie owns and operates the Danish Funeral Home UNIK Begravelse ( and together with her colleagues she has gotten more and more requests for greener funerals and cremations. This is why they decided that becoming the Promessa Representative for the Nordic countries was the right thing to do. You can read more about Mette Marie and her team in our webpage post here.

First Promessa Representative in the huge continent of Africa

Until this February we had Promessa Representatives in Europe (3), in North America (5) and in South America (1), making that a presence on three out of the seven continents. But we can now also let you know that we have added our first Representative from Africa. Eternal Funeral Services ( is a funeral home that will be our Representative for the great country of South Africa. You can read more about this exciting development in our webpage post here.

Worldwide demand

By adding these two Representatives we are growing our presence around the world and expanding into new territories. This just show that promession® is wanted worldwide. The death care industry is facing similar challenges everywhere, challenges solved by promession®. That is why we today have been contacted by governments/ organizations/ individuals from 99 countries!! These interested parties are then presented our franchise business model. By joining our franchise they get access to our knowhow and trademarks, while we get a motivated and knowledgable partner to develop their market, so that it will be ready for the launch of promession®.

Funding for showcase facility

With this positive development on the market side, we direct our focus on building a showcase facility. We now have representatives in markets where we could in the near future deploy a Promator. We are in dialogue with two companies interested in working with us on building this showcase facility. In parallel, we are working on raising funding for this facility. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us!

We hope you are excited to follow our development during this very exciting year. We appreciate that you keep helping us spreading the word by inviting friends and family to become Promessa Friends and sharing the news we post on social media such as FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.


Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak
CEO & Founder

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